How to write a Direct Sales business plan – best practices example (Part 1 of 3) Internet visitors who watch this video will learn how to write an IRS fully-compliant business plan.

As an entrepreneur growing a Direct Sales home-based business, after viewing this video, you will have the knowledge necessary to use this business plan as a resource for constructing an effective, professional business plan that’s specific to your own Direct Sales home-based business needs.

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If you’d like to create or improve your own business plan, be sure to check out this video. It provides details on content that you should make certain you include in your business plan.

After checking out this video, you’ll recognize:

1) Why a busines plan is important in terms of guidance, documentation and credibility.

2) Why the Executive Summary is generally regarded as the most important component of a business plan.

3) What specifics to include in the Company Summary and why that information is important.

4) What things to focus on in the Products and Services part of your business plan.

5) What 3 elements to include in your Market Analysis Summary.

6) The right way to define your Target Market Segment Strategy.

7) What exactly the Industry Analysis portion of your Business Plan provides the framework for.

8) Why it’s very necessary to provide a Web Plan Summary in your business plan.

9) Why a SWOT Analysis should be an important part of your Strategy and Implementation Summary.

10) How to specify your company’s Competitive Edge.

11) The difference between Marketing and Sales and how they’re included in your Marketing Strategy.

12) What you need to include in the Modality part of your business plan.

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact verbiage on every page of this Direct Sales Business Plan. Having done that, you’ll recognize what to include when utilizing this business plan as the basis for developing one of your own.

This business plan beats any business plan template or business plan sample that you might find while searching for a business plan example online. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. I’d encourage you to comment on this video, like the content and suggest that your team members make relevant blog posts in reference to it.

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